Colorcoat Coil
SDP 50
Colorcoat® SDP 50

Colorcoat® SDP 50 is an aesthetic, durable and resilient pre-painted steel with long guaranteed life expectancy. The substrate is continuous galvanized steel and a high performance organic coating with a layer thickness of 50 µm. It is the perfect material for profiles and sandwich panels for walls and roofs of premium architectural projects. Colorcoat SDP 50 is available in a variety of popular standard roof and wall colours, including an attractive range of metallic colours with sparkling effect.  

Colorcoat SDP 50 is guaranteed for use with solar panels for up to 25 years.  

Examples of buildings with Colorcoat SDP 50 are the AFAS stadium or the Frontier building in Delft, The Netherlands.   

AZ Stadium
SDP 50 Matt
Colorcoat® SDP 50 Matt

A high build pre-painted steel with a matt finish and a robust textured surface. 

The substrate is galvanised with a zinc or MagiZinc metallic coating which provides excellent corrosion resistance. The 50 µm textured coating provides an improved scratch and abrasion resistance. Colorcoat® SDP 50 Matt is well suited for roofing applications but also provides outstanding aesthetics in wall applications.   

  This product is available in all the popular roofing colors including Matt Black.  

The high performance reverse side backing coat is especially formulated for use in construction applications.  

Colorcoat SDP 50 Matt comes with up to 25 year Tata Steel Performance Guarantee.  

AZ Stadion
SDP 35
Colorcoat® SDP 35

Colorcoat® SDP 35 is a robust pre-painted steel for roof and wall cladding including a galvanized substrate with Zinc or Magizinc coating, whereas a smooth and slightly textured surface. Colorcoat SDP 35 has an organic coating with a layer thickness of 35 µm. 

Typical applications are outdoor applications where robustness is important, this product is often used for walkable roofs with low slopes and garage doors. 

SDP 35
PE 25
Colorcoat® PE 25

Colorcoat® PE 25 has a substrate of continuously galvanized steel with a smooth coating based on a polyester resin. The product is suitable for application in non-aggressive outdoor environments. The topside coating has a layer thickness of 25 µm. High performance reverse side backing coat specially formulated for use in construction applications. 

Up to 10 years Tata Steel Performance guarantee. 

Typical applications are plank profiles, roof tile sheets, roof and wall sandwich A-side and roof and wall trapezoidal or sinus profiles.

PE 15
Colorcoat® PE 15

Colorcoat PE 15 / Interior coating has a polyester base and a colour close to RAL 9002 (grey-white) or 9010 (white). Due to the high light reflection, savings can be made on lighting costs and thus energy bills, this makes a positive contribution to sustainability of buildings.  

The backcoat is light-coloured. Colorcoat PE 15 is mainly used on the interior side of sandwich panels, on the visible side of liner trays boxes and on (profiled) decking roof panels. Colorcoat PE 15 is not suitable for external use. 

Colorcoat® PVDF 35

Colorcoat® PVDF 35 is used for the envelope exterior of the building, such as profiles, panels and façade elements for which the colour stability and colour gloss retention are important. The product is available on request.

Colorcoat® PVDF

Colorcoat® PVDF is used to building envelope applications such as wall cladding and panels, where colour and gloss retention are important. 


Typical applications are walls and buildings where the aesthetics are important. The product is available on request. 

Colorcoat PVDF