Tata Steel announces next steps in its ambitious transformation to green steelmaking in the UK


Tata Steel Limited and Tata Steel UK today announced the plan to transform and restructure the UK business. This plan is intended to reverse more than a decade of losses and transition to a more sustainable, green steel business. The transformation would secure most of Tata Steel UK’s existing product capability and maintain the country’s self-sufficiency in steelmaking.

Tata Steel Nederland is its own entity within Tata Steel Ltd. Since a split in October 2021, it is no longer affiliated with Tata Steel UK. In the Netherlands, we submitted our refined Green Steel plan to the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate at the beginning of November 2023. We continue our transition to a greener, cleaner and more circular way of making steel in the IJmond. That is why we, together with our parent company, are also in intensive discussions with the ministry about the so-called tailor-made process. 

Our refined Green Steel plan must contribute to achieving Dutch and European climate objectives, reducing our impact on the immediate environment and making Tata Steel the Netherlands and the Netherlands more circular. Compared to the previous plan, the tightened plan places more emphasis on the environment, focusing on a different technology, but with the same climate ambition. 

In the refined  plan we reconfirm that the Cooking and Gas Factory 2 (KGF2) will close by 2029 at the latest and Blast Furnace 7 will close when our first new green steel installations (a so-called Direct Reduced Iron technology (DRI) combined with an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF)) will be ready - in 2030. This means 40% less CO2 emissions. We also want to take further measures to further reduce emissions and drift of particulate matter and use more scrap in the production of steel (from 17% to 30%). In the next phase of our turnaround, we want to close Blast Furnace 6 and Cooking and Gas Factory 1. 

The so-called 'final investment decision' for the Green Steel plan will be taken once the customized agreement and permits have been obtained. 

For more information about the company’s steps in the UK: Tata Steel announces next steps towards its ambitious transformation from blast furnaces to green steelmaking in the UK and initiates statutory consultation

Photo: The blast furnace on the Tata Steel UK factory site in Port Talbot.