How Tata Steel Nederland is tackling carbon emissions


Tata Steel Nederland aims to be carbon neutral. The first steps have been taken already and many more will follow in the coming years.

Two Tata Steel Nederland plants, one in Sweden and one Finland, are now climate neutral. This means that these plants no longer use fossil fuels, but use green energy instead. The Geldermalsen plant will follow shortly and the majority of our 22 European plants will be completely carbon neutral before 2025.


How do we become carbon neutral? 

Each site has its own challenges and solutions to emit less CO₂. It depends greatly on the size, location and activities at the site. Among other things, the following will be considered:

  • Electrification of logistics 
  • Reuse of waste heat 
  • Use of vegetable fuel 
  • Generating energy by means of solar panels and wind turbines 
  • The use of green energy and hydrogen instead of coal and natural gas 

The biggest CO₂ savings ever

The biggest CO₂ reduction for Tata Steel Nederland will be made in IJmuiden. Here, 90% of the CO₂ emissions takes place when making pig iron right at the very beginning of the production process. To drastically reduce these emissions, we will make steel in a completely different way by using new technologies. Without the use of coal and with the use of sustainable energy sources, such as hydrogen. This is the biggest change our company has ever made. 

Did you know…

  • CO₂ emissions have been reduced with 15% per ton of steel since 1990? 
  • Two of our sites are already carbon neutral? 
  • And that seven locations want to achieve that by 2025? 
  • Tata Steel's CO₂ emissions are 7% lower than the average of European steel companies? 
  • CO₂ emissions from transporting our products to customers have reduced with 17% since 2019?