MOdernisering Hoogoven 6
Vermindering stofuitstoot

The most prominent works are indicated with numbers in the accompanying picture.

Overzicht van de werkzaamheden bij Hoogoven 6
Fireproof brickwork
Replacing fireproof brickwork in the furnace

The fireproof lining in a blast furnace can resist extremely high temperatures; this is essential, considering that the temperature of the liquid hot metal is approximately 1,500 degrees Celsius. The lining in the blast furnace needs to be replaced. New fireproof brickwork will ensure the maintenance of the furnace. It will also ensure that the work environment remains safe.

Extractor hoods
Installation of new extractor hoods (Roadmap plus)

Special trains (called ‘torpedoes’) take the liquid hot metal produced in the blast furnaces from the ‘tapholes’ of the furnace to the steel plant. Dust may be released when these tapholes are opened and closed.

These additional extraction facilities are expected to reduce dust emissions during the tapping of hot metal by approximately 75%.


Extra afzuigkappen Hoogovens: circa 75% minder stofuitstoot bij aftappen van vloeibaar ruwijzer
Gas Cleaning System
Repairing the gas cleaning system

Blast furnace gas is released during production. It is captured and cleaned by the gas cleaning system. This happens through a downcomer. Eventually the gas arrives at the stock yard and can then be reused again. These works will also be unnoticeable to the surrounding inhabitants. The repairs will contribute to reduced dust emissions.